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Take Classes on FlightPass

Discover your next creative avenue on FlightPass, our art exchange platform that keeps on growing. Click below to learn more and join the community!

Rent Our Space

If you need space for your creative or educational event, we've got you covered! Professional training spaces are also available. Please take a look at our rental rooms for more details.

Creative Packages

Are you hosting a bachelorette party, celebrating a birthday, or just having a get-together? Choose from group aerial exercise to cooking classes or let Soar Creative Studios plan the occasion for you.

Connect with Our Artists

We LOVE the artists that work with us. So if you're looking for professionals for your next event, inquire with us, and we'll match artists to suit your event needs.

Female Bust

Mission Statement

To create a welcoming environment that encourages artists of all types to collaborate and rethink the boundaries of what is possible... and, in turn, to share these creations with countless others who may be inspired by them. 

The Founding of Soar Creative Studios

Soar Creative Studios began in a non-traditional way. Our owner, Christine Hale, has been working full-time in the corporate world as a medical director while training and coaching as an aerialist. When her aerial coach was looking for a bigger space, Christine spoke to her about buying a building and leasing it back to her. When her previous coach eventually moved on, Christine had to decide her next steps. When she spoke with various artists, she knew about the space; they begged her not to close it down. After that, Soar was born. We serve aerial arts, and everything from musical instrument instruction, voice, dance, the list goes on.

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