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Here at Soar Creative Studios, we aim to fulfill our mission by hiring creative people in every aspect of our company. We aim to place them first and make every experience within our company exceptional. See below for our current openings.  

FlightPass Classes

Young Ballerinas

Beginner Ballet

Focusing on the foundations, this class is meant to educate students on proper technique, terms, coordination, and movement quality. 

Ballerina Jumping

Intermediate Ballet

The intermediate level of ballet is meant to continue building on skills from the beginner ballet class. This may include pre-pointe, pointe, and jumps.

Young Ballerina

Advanced Ballet

With the strength, stamina, and techniques from the intermediate and beginner classes, the advanced ballet class is meant to challenge students by exploring creative energy and incorporating various techniques without limit. Some teaching points may include placement and alignment, core support and conditioning, rotation, etc.

Burlesque Diva


Introduce the secrets of the tease in burlesque dance classes. Heels may be incorporated.

Break Dance

Hip-Hop Dance

This class incorporates killer choreography and encourages a more intensive workout with a creative challenge.

Pole Dancer

Beginner Pole

Focusing on foundations and working to the climb, the beginner pole class instructs on proper technique and basic knowledge.

Pole Dancing

Intermediate Pole

Once students have mastered the climb, intermediate pole may begin working on simple inversions and conditioning for endurance and strength.

Pole Dancer in Action

Exotic Pole

Taught with heels, exotic pole explores sensual and fluid movement.

Upside Down Pole Dancer

Advanced Pole

With mastery of the skills from the beginner and intermediate classes, students may challenge their strength and endurance for various techniques at the advanced level such as birds of paradise.

Pole Dance Studio

Chinese Pole

Chinese pole is typically silicone or powder coated and allows dynamic movement such as swaying and orbiting that requires clothing and shoes. This is a specialty class we would like to offer our students.

Pole Dance Practice

Power Pole

Our most intense class for students, this high-energy, fast-paced class offers a challenge of strength and confidence in our students.

Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal

Tap I

This class teaches basic tap skills, vocabulary, and coordination.

White tap shoes

Tap II

Utilizing skills from Tap I, Tap II teaches further technique and choreography.

Tap Dance Photoshoot

Tap Improv

Tap Improv is meant to challenge students and inspire creativity within their practice.

Aerial Arts & Circus
Acrobatic Performance


From acro-dance to power tumbling, this class will teach students the fundamentals of acrobatics